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Answering Legitimate Questions

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Why are Ceramic Coatings so Expensive?

Ceramic Coatings are what everyone is talking about in the Grand Rapids Michigan auto detailing scene. We hear all kinds of information (fact & fiction) surrounding ceramic coatings, so we wanted to clear up the confusion as much as possible…

First of all: WHY ARE CERAMIC COATINGS SO EXPENSIVE??? Isn't it absurd to pay $2,000.00 to put a glorified wax on your car's paint? Isn't that only something "rich car guys would do? Well ... not exactly.

We find that most of our customers here in Grand Rapids, MI don’t totally understand what a ceramic coating is. Fundamentally, ceramic coatings are the longest term paint protection that exists in the detailing industry. They are a HUGE jump from waxes and sealants which only last a few months at best. Ceramics on average protect for 5+ years, and some even protect for the lifetime of the vehicle. We’re talking water resistant, chemical resistant, scratch resistant, ultra durable paint protection… The difference between a car that IS coated and IS NOT coated after a few years is staggering. Now other than the extreme value (protecting your car for the lifetime that you own it) what’s with the expensive price tag? The other costs come from the labor, technical skill, and time involved preparing the vehicle to actually be coated in the first place. To properly prepare a vehicle to be coated, you are looking at a day’s work minimum. Often (depending on the vehicle) this can extend past a single day of work. We recently ceramic coated a customer’s vehicle here in Nashville that required a weekend of time and attention. In addition to the time, the ceramic coating installer (that’s us) has to go through pretty intense training programs in order to get their certification, so at some level, we are charging for our expertise. Coatings are changing the car world both for consumers, and those “car people” we all have in our lives. If you have any questions we would love to help! Contact us here

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