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Car Polishing

Our Work - A Canvas of Colors, Shielded in Brilliance:

Our gallery isn't just a collection of before-and-afters; it's a vibrant celebration of automotive diversity. From sleek sports cars basking in their newfound radiance to rugged SUVs sporting an impenetrable shield of protection, each vehicle tells a story of color and confidence, amplified by the magic of ceramic coating.

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Today we clean up and protect a brand new Shelby GT500. This car is fully loaded with Carbon Fiber Wheels, Painted Stripes, and many more options. We performed a 1 step polish to remove factory swirls, scratches, and wet sanding marks. We cap off the detail with Diamond ProTech's Diamond Body ( Nano Diamond Paint Coating ) to lock in that amazing detail.

We performed a 1 Step Polish on the paint and installed our 3yr Ceramic Coating on the paint. 1yr coatings were installed on the wheels and windshield!

1970 Bronco_edited.jpg

We performed a Single Step paint correction and followed up by installing a 1yr ceramic coating to all painted surfaces. The engine bay was detailed and completed the look with a ceramic wheel coating. 

We received a 2022 Rivian R1S for a 1 step paint correction and a full complement of ceramic coating treatments: - 5yr Paint Coating- 1yr Wheel Coating- 1yr Leather Coating- 1yr Windshield Coating- 1yr Interior Plastics Coating​

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