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Ceramic Coating Near Me


Since we've opened our 28th street location back in April of 2021 we have gone through many changes. Those changes have you in mind. Our focus has been and will continue to be providing our customers with more. We have partnered with 3 of the best Ceramic Coating companies in the world. We now offer several warranty backed Ceramic Coating products for the Interior and Exterior surfaces of your vehicle.
We stand behind our work, services, products and most importantly you. ... our customers. We are the only company in West Michigan to offer these High-End brands and products. Feel free to stop in and inquire about our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating offerings whether your new to Ceramic Coatings or just want to experience something different. We have a package or service for every budget, vehicle and can tailor a package for your specific needs. Don't forget to check out all the videos on our YouTube channel. There you will see "before & after", how-to's, our processes, product showcases, and much more!

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