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Additional Services

Looking to add a service not listed in our packages? Here's a comprehensive list of additional services you can add to any of our other services or packages. You can also book these a la carte if you'd like!

Paint Correction.jpg

Shampoo Services

Our shampoo service begins with a thorough cleaning of your carpets and/or seats. We accomplish this with our air compressor and vacuum. Once cleaned we treat these surfaces with an industrial grade cleaner. Our cleaner breaks down oils, dirt, and even proteins like milk, yogurt, and bodily fluids. Once the cleaner has broken these contaminates down we use a heated carpet extractor to pull all of the contaminates out of the fabric. Our extractor does this using a 200+ degree rinse solution. 

  • Stain Removal or Minimization

  • Fabrics return to PH neutral

  • Any odors in the fabrics are removed

Carpets OR Seats 

Cars: $125.00

2 Row SUV / Trucks: $150.00

3 Row SUVs / Vans: $200.00

Carpets AND Seats

Cars: $175.00

2 Row SUV / Trucks: $200.00

3 Row SUVs / Vans: $250.00


Fabric Protection

Block Contaminants From Embedding:

If you’ve got kids, pets, or just have a habit of eating in your car, you know that your interior fabrics are magnets for embedded bits of food and dirt. And once those specks of gunks slip through the porous weaves of your fabric, they can get so deeply encrusted that your average vacuum won’t be of much help. If you want to keep these contaminants from entering your fabric, you’ll need something to block those pores – and the Fabric Coating Kit will do just the trick. Once applied, Fabric Coating creates a barrier over your fabrics, keeping contaminants on the surface instead of allowing them to penetrate. With just a quick vacuum, they’ll be taken care of in seconds.


Stop Staining:

Spills and stains on fabric are even harder to deal with than embedded contaminants. Once a liquid seeps into your fabric’s pores, it dries into a stain that only an expensive steam cleaning can get out. So why not stop stains from happening in the first place? With the Fabric Coating Kit, you can. Its hydrophobic barrier repels liquids from the surface, preventing them from seeping through and instead making them bead on top for easy cleaning. So go ahead, drink that cup of coffee while you’re on the road! With Fabric Coating applied, your seats won’t mind.


Maintain Your Fabric’s Look:

Much like plastic and paint, fabric too can be discolored and degraded by the sun’s UV rays. Knowing this, we formulated Fabric Coating with UV inhibiting properties so your fabric stays vibrant even if you have to leave your car in the baking sun. Fabric Coating’s barrier is fully invisible and doesn’t alter the texture of your fabric either, meaning your fabric won’t look or feel any different than before.

  • Super Hydrophobic to prevent stains

  • Blocks contamination from emedding

  • Protects from UV damage

Cars: $125.00

2 Row SUV / Trucks: $150.00

3 Row SUVs / Vans: $175.00

Leather Coating.jpg

Leather Lock Pro

 First your leather surfaces are thoroughly cleaned using a cleaner that's designed specifically for leather. Once cleaned and dried we apply Leather Lock Pro. Once applied our leather coating forms an invisible barrier. After a short setting time (roughly half an hour) the proprietary formula creates a net-like 3D ceramic structure over your leather that allows it to breathe while also imparting superhydrophobic properties!

  • Super Hydrophobic

  • Resists UV Fading

  • Reduces Surface Friction to Stop Abrasions

Cars: $125.00

2 Row SUV / Trucks: $150.00

3 Row SUVs / Vans: $175.00

Ceramic Coating.jpg

Glass Coatings

The highest level of glass coating on the market! At the microscopic level, glass surfaces are actually jagged and uneven, with tiny nooks and crannies that capture the water and dirt responsible for staining and etching. When applied to glass that’s properly prepped, Glass Serum Pro fills in these microscopic hills and valleys, leaving contaminants with nowhere to hide. After the coating’s cured the glass will take on UV-inhibiting properties, as well as a lowered surface energy that allows for hydrophobicity. Once set, Glass Serum Pro is fully permanent and requires a machine buffer to remove.

  • 25yr Service Life Warranty


Windshield Only:

Cars: $125.00

Mid-Full SUVs, Trucks: $150.00

XL SUVs, Trucks, Vans $175.00


All Exterior Glass:

Cars: $175.00

Mid-Full SUVs, Trucks: $200.00

XL SUVs, Trucks, Vans $225.00

Ceramic Coating for trim.jpg

Trim Restoration

We start with an inspection to determine if we can apply the ceramic coating or if your trim needs to be dyed first. All of your trim is thoroughly cleaned , dyed ( IF needed ) and then we install a permanent ceramic nano coating on your exterior plastic trim. It protects your trim from water spots, UV fading, and contaminant build up. When the coating itself is applied, it creates a cross-linked bond, chemically fusing with the plastic. Once cured, this bond creates a permanent invisible barrier that inhibits UV rays, resists micro-marring and etching, while lowering surface energy to bead liquids, preventing staining. 

  • 5yr Warranty

  • Resists micro-marring and etching

  • Prevents fading, discoloration, and contaminate buildup

CARS: $125.00


XL SUVs / VANs: $175.00

Engine Bay 1.jpg

Engine Bay Detailing


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